By Adam Ross

Exploring modern society’s addiction to their devices, Alex decides to put his money where his mouth is and disconnect from all of his devices for 30 days. What seems like a simple challenge, creates unforeseen consequences for Alex – personal, professional, and mental.

During his digital fast, Alex conducts interviews with everyone from schoolchildren to academics to find the answer to a seemingly universal problem: “Why are we so addicted to technology?”

In the spirit of Supersize Me and That Sugar Film, Lykos’s film not only wants to entertain but to inform.

The documentary format is a departure for the multihyphenate, whose previous two features were the romantic comedies Alex & Eve (writer/actor/creator) and Me & My Left Brain (actor/writer/director).

Speaking to FilmInk, Lykos said: “People ask me who the target audience is, and I cheekily say, ‘anyone with a smartphone.’ Coming from a narrative background, I approached this film with the intent to make it relatable and a little cheeky. We certainly had some fun playing with the conventions of this form of storytelling.”

Co-Producer Peter Maple added: “It’s a vital examination of our current technologies; of ourselves; of our relationships – of our times. All told with an immediacy that brims with humour, humanity, and humility.”

The film also investigates the impacts that rapidly advancing technology will have on the next generation – specifically artificial intelligence – with chilling results. Lykos said: “There was one particular revelation which absolutely shocked us, one which we feel could do with some mainstream attention.”

Joining Lykos is editor Miriana Marusic and sound designer Anthony Marsh, both of whom worked on Me & My Left Brain, with music composed by award-winning George Ellis.

After completing post-production, the filmmakers plan to hit the festival circuit, before a cinema release in September.

First look images below.