by FilmInk Staff

The character actor, who has elevated everything from Ali’s Wedding to Land of Bad and Tennessine, explains what to expect of his role in upcoming thriller, Homeward.

“I was excited to work with Blair Moore, who I had heard a lot about, and equally excited to reunite with Dru Brown after working with him on feature film, Double or Nothing,” says Rabiah about the Homeward writer/director and writer/producer respectively. “It was one of the most fun shoots I have been involved in. Blair is very open to improvisation and trusts his actors to bring some extra flavour to the soup.”

Crime caper Homeward was shot in Queensland, and follows a regular Joe played by Jake Ryan (who headlined Blair Moore’s Kane, who heads for home after finding money stolen from a Russian mobster (Rabiah). The film also stars Nathan Phillips and Steve Mouzakis.

“It was the first time I had performed a Russian accent,” says Rabiah. “The pressure was on to get it absolutely authentic as Blair’s partner, Anna Kolenko, is Ukrainian and was on-set for the duration of the shoot. I think Anna went from Producer to dialect coach, which I’m extremely grateful for.”