Colosimo, Rabiah and Mouzakis join Double or Nothing Ensemble on the Goldy

May 27, 2022
Vince Colosimo, Robert Rabiah and Steve Mouzakis added to cast on Dru Brown’s crime caper.

“We are incredibly lucky to have so much talent around us in Queensland, but to be able to add three incredible actors the caliber of Vince, Rob and Steve, we are still pinching ourselves,” says Writer/Director Dru Brown about his Victorian additions to the ensemble on the Gold Coast shot Double or Nothing.

The film marks the long-awaited follow-up to Brown’s 2014 drama The Suicide Theory, and the filmmaker is aiming for “Mr Inbetween meets The Big Lebowski… to capture the energy and comedy of the Gold Coast’s more seedy characters painted against the beautiful locations they inhabit.” Massive Gettin’ Square fans here at FilmInk towers, so we are pumped.

In Double or Nothing, the ubiquitous John Jarratt [above with Brown on set] stars as a father figure to a couple of ex-con cousins (played by Rowan Howard and Andrew Ian Pope) trying to go straight, but who get entangled with the wrong people as they race to get their hands on $50k.

Currently on the small screen in Celebrity Apprentice and coming up on the big screen in Wog Boys Forever and The Girl at the Window, Vince Colosimo is no stranger to scrapes with the law; Robert Rabiah will soon appear as Jamour Ibrahim in limited series Last King of the Cross, Amin Palangi’s feature Tennessine and alongside Steve Mouzakis in series Irreverent. Mouzakis also co-stars in Thomas M. Wright’s The Stranger, which just premiered at Cannes.

Double or Nothing is produced by Brown Python Films’ Nicole Payten-Betts and Dru Brown.

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Photo Credit: Hayley Jones Photography

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