13-15th September 2024 @ The Randwick Ritz Cinema. The race is on to find Sydney’s sharpest filmmakers!

Discover the thrill of creating a short film, seeing it on the big screen at the Ritz and winning prizes – all over a single weekend! Have You Got The Guts?

Adding to the mayhem, teams have to include a treasure hunt of locations and items into the finished film, which they won’t receive until the moment the competition begins. And then they’re off, hitting the Streets of the East, to create their masterpiece.

So, who will win this filmmaking shootout? Once the filmmakers have completed and uploaded their film, it’s now the work of the judges to decide on a slew of fabulous awards, including Best Film, Best Acting and, who knows, even Best Kiss, Best Costume and Best Use of the Festival Items. Then it’s off to our Cinema Partner, the iconic Ritz Cinema at Randwick, where the best films will be shown on the big screen in front of an adoring audience.

Once the films have been screened, the awards will be handed out, and even the audience themselves will be involved when they get to choose the Audience Favourite Award.

Studying film at school or Uni? Made a few Tik Toks? Got a YouTube channel? Never made a film, but would love to have a crack at making one? Everyone’s welcome at the Stinkwater24! Film Festival!

The fun is in the creativity that people bring when they get involved, and all levels of filmmaking are catered for. Simply form a team, register on www.stinkwater.com.au, and start dreaming up your film. We even provide a youth category for young adults to join with their families, so they can start making films of their own. And teams are not totally left to their own devices. We’ll provide some tips in the leadup to the festival to get you started, and even have a few actors on hand for your film if you need them.

Registrations open on the 1st of July and we encourage filmmakers to register early, as team spots are limited. More information on how to register can be found on our website, www.stinkwater.com.au.

All filmmakers will get to see their film up on the big screen at the Ritz Cinema. It takes place at 5pm on Sunday 15th September, and the screening is FREE for all audience members!

Filmmakers can invite their family, friends and film supporters to see their efforts come to life. It’s film to screen in 48 hours!

‘Stinkwater’ comes from the Indigenous meaning of ‘Coogee,’ a stinky beach 😀 – is a unique and challenging event dedicated to fostering creativity and community through filmmaking. More than just screening films, we want to get people involved in making films. And although it will be great fun to come to the screenings, the best way to enjoy the festival is by making a movie.