By Travis Johnson

Adelaide-raised Xavier Samuel is returning home to make a film for the first time in a decade. The Twilight star will headline Bad Blood, a suspense thriller directed by David Pulbrook.

The film concerns an attractive veterinarian who accepts an invitation from her fiancée, a best-selling author, for a long weekend away. When she senses something is terribly wrong she decides to leave only to find herself trying to escape the house into a desolate forest, fearing for her life and fighting against a psychopathic killer.

The last time Samuel acted in a South Australian film was also his first; he made his big screen debut in the micro-budget drama 2:37 back in 2006. He took to the stage in 2014 for a role in th State Theatre Company’s production of The Seagull for The Adelaide Festival.

Bad Blood Producer David Lightfoot said he was very excited to be back in Adelaide and working with the South Australian Film Corporation once again. “After five years making film interstate and overseas, I find it a delight that I can come home and make this wonderful thriller with all my old colleagues, the SAFC and one of the most exciting talents in eons from South Australia, and one whom I have just worked with on A Few Less Men, Xavier Samuel. Bad Blood is a wonderfully crafted screenplay and I look forward to making it with the team immensely.”

The production starts filming on June 3 in locations both in Adelaide City and the Adelaide Hills.





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