Witness the Travails of a Talent Agent in the New Web Series Busy as Usual

November 22, 2017
Wrangling egos is hard work.

A fly on the wall look at what goes on inside a talent agent’s office, Busy as Usual is the brainchild of real life life talent agent and actor Sean Miguel Perez (What If It Works?), who writes, co-directs, produces and stars in the 10 part series.

Currently six episodes into its 10 part first season, Busy as Usual sees Perez as a harried handler of fragile egos, dealing with a rogues’ gallery of clients played by an ensemble case that includes Lauren Hamilton Neill, Brielle Flynn, Alistair Magee and Alex Osmond.

Obviously, Perez drew on his own real life experiences for the series, which made the writing process relatively straight forward. “Actors are always being told to create our own work,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to write but never knew how to as I’ve never done a course on screen writing or couldn’t find a template to follow so fear always stopped me in the past. I wanted to produce short and entertaining content that people could watch on mobile as
they wait in line for the bus or in the shops – something short, sharp and funny that will keep someone entertained long enough while they’re on the go. And let’s face it – we don’t have long attention spans these days either!”

Check out the series at the official site, and follow them on Facebook for episode updates.


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