Most Popular Video Games and Casino Games in Australasia

July 10, 2018
Back in the early to mid-‘90s, the tastes of gamers in Australia and especially New Zealand were a bit different than those of the big boys Japan and the United States. Overwhelmingly, the cause of this was the delay which we faced in getting new releases, and the cost of these imported consoles or a decent gaming PC. Today, however, advancements in the global gaming infrastructure and the internet as a whole have largely eliminated these problems, leaving us in a situation where we can stay as up to date as the mainstays.

So what games are currently leading the pack when it comes to popularity in Australasia?

Grand Theft Auto 5

Not a new game, but one which continues to generate an immense following in the online world. Most of this comes down to the multiplayer, which brings the classic GTA open-world gameplay to groups of up to 64 players at a time. This brings with it just as much carnage as you might expect. Combine this with online-only clans and clubs, missions, properties, and activities, and it is little wonder that this gaming juggernaut continues in such a strong fashion. Take a look at the following clip and try to tell me that this chaos doesn’t look fun:

Online Casino Games

A bit different from what people often think of when they think of digital gaming, but these are not a development to be underestimated. This is an industry which has kept up with technological advancements like few others, exploding in popularity and visibility. While poker plays a major role here, it is online slots like Mega Moolah which are proving the most currently popular. So popular, in fact, that there are even supporting companies which point out the best places to play, based on reputation, protections, and payment options. Some of them have even started pushing into VR, which is an incredibly forward-thinking move for online casinos.


Usurper of the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds crown, and with good reason. Better graphic design, performance which runs smoothly on all devices and not just the hypothetical quantum computers of tomorrow, and with a more age-friendly community, Fortnite has blown the world away with its take on the still-expanding battleground genre. Combine this with collaborations with celebrities and even Marvel and it’s not hard to see why this game became so popular. And to think, in the early days, before the announcement of the battleground game mode, this game was often predicted to end up as a flop.

What Comes Next?

As the tastes in Australasia tend to reflect that of the larger gaming market, at least when it comes to AAA releases and online casino games, we have to wonder which are the next that will take us by storm. Indications from this year’s E3 paint a picture where Red Dead Redemption 2 should play a major part, but only time will tell if the hype is mirrored by real purchases. Whatever the case, we still have all these current games to fall back on, and with an industry more developed and influential than ever before, the situation is looking bright.

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