Best Video Game Movies that Are Currently in Development – What to Expect

March 5, 2017
Children and adults love to have fun playing games. It is our little secret way of releasing stress after a challenging day at school or at work. With so many things on our mind all the time, it is also important to find ways in which to have fun. This way, we manage to balance things in life and get ready to face new challenges every day. Watching movies is also a popular way of spending quality time with friends and family. When great games turn into movies, fans get it all!

Popular Game Franchises Will Turn into Video Game Movies This Year

With the wide variety of online games at our disposal these days, playing these is now easier than ever. The increase in popularity for games like Slots at All Jackpots has also reflected in the movie business lately. All sorts of interesting video game movies are currently in production. This can only come as great news for game players and fans looking to see the latest productions.

Successful video game franchises from the past are now developing more series. These are more innovative and follow latest trends in terms of modern production. Every successful game franchise these days is predicted to turn into a successful movie. This is all due to the increase in interest shown by game and movie fans who wish to see their favourite game characters on-screen. Let’s see what 2017 has in store for us from this perspective.

Popular Video Games Are Touted for the Big Screen Appearance

If there is a popular video game you enjoy playing, you might be surprised to hear that it is already planned to make an appearance on the big screen. The same happened with Den of Geek for example. Since it first appeared, the increase in popularity has been a sure thing. Thousands of players have enjoyed their game experience online and now can enjoy the on-screen appearance of their favourite characters.

Altered Beast is another important name in this category. Specialists from Stories International and Circle of Confusion already have a great plan for this. Therefore, the fantasy arcade action game will soon turn into a movie that we will all want to see this year.

Angry Birds 2 is also predicted to make a great appearance in cinemas. The first movie was a huge success globally. This means that there are a lot of fans waiting for the sequel to continue. Wall Street Journal has already presented this as a fact. We can only wait and see how this movie will impress us this year.

Such a list of great video games turning into movies could not have ended without mentioning Assassin’s Creed 2. We have just seen the first movie from this series and we totally loved it! Now, the producers are already making plans for the sequel. Let there be more adventure on the big screen!

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