by Abe Feint

Movies and Vegas have always gone together. With several films shot there, this City of Lights has taken us from a desert to an entertainment capital in no time.

It remains one of the top filming locations even today and is also a very popular tourist destination. If the location is accurate, it changes the way we view and understand the film. This is why filmmakers spend a lot of money trying to look for the right location and to ensure that their film displays the best location possible.

We have seen a lot of movies featuring casinos from across the world and they have always left us intrigued about the world of gambling and the type of casinos across the globe. In this article, we take a look at some of the most famous casino filming locations.

Top casino filming locations

  1. Oceans Eleven– The Bellagio

The popular movie Ocean’s Eleven has The Bellagio which is an iconic casino with luxurious decor including the popular Fountains of Bellagio known for the way they move and grove to the music. The movie shows some of the most popular locations inside the casino which include the roulette tables, slot floor as well as private rooms. Right at the start of the movie, we can see Brad Pitt who plays the role of Rusty Ryan teaching a few celebrities the art of playing poker. It has also become a popular destination to spot your favourite celebrities.

It is also one of the films that brought the poker craze with Texas Hold’em poker at the beginning of the 2000s and it led to higher popularity of the game. There are many online resources which can help beginners learn the tips and tricks about this famous game. Players can head to an official website like SkyCity to play and learn about a game of Texas Hold’em. Even if you did not learn the basics onscreen after watching the movie, hopefully, it inspires you to start a game if you visit the prominent Bellagio in the future.

  1. 21– Planet Hollywood Casino

Planet Hollywood is one of the casinos on the large Strip of several old casinos. It is owned by Caesars and was built about a decade ago. The location has been featured in the film 21 which is about a few students from MIT who take on the casinos across Vegas with their illegal but incredible card-counting tactics.

This film has shown several gaming tables and many slot machines on the gaming floor. Planet Hollywood Casino aims at attracting the younger generation while also holding on to loyal, mature clients.

  1. Vegas Vacation– The Mirage 

Vegas Vacation is the continuation of the popular Vacation franchise as well as the hilarious escapades of the Griswalds. In the movie, the troupe heads towards Sin City and visits the Mirage, then they cross paths with Wayne Newton while Chevy Chase finds a new love for gaming.

This casino has been around for more than 3 decades and is still there. An attraction on the outside is the massive prop volcano which erupts each hour and it attracts a lot of tourists. With more than 3,000 luxury rooms for the guests and a Polynesian-themed casino, it has become one of the finest destinations for gaming lovers. It also has a huge gaming floor with several options and a no-deposit bonus.

  1. The Hangover– Caesars Palace

One of the most popular movies shot at a Vegas destination, Caesars Palace was shown in the comedy movie, The Hangover. In the movie, the Wolfpack head for a bachelor party. Located in the western area of the Vegas Strip and in existence for over 5 decades, this casino resort is one of the best in the world and attracts gamers from across the globe.

Right at the front of the resort, you can see the prominent presence of Augustus Caesar who stands tall, welcoming gamers into the palace. The resort has luxurious rooms and it also has some of the biggest Vegas performers including Celine Dion, Sir Elton John as well as Rod Stewart.

If you are looking for inspiration to visit one of the top casinos in the world, pick one of these classic movies and have a good look at the casinos showcased in them. Each casino is known for top-class luxury, gaming slots and attracting gamers from across the globe. Even if you are a beginner, walking into one of these casinos will make you want to pick your favourite game and take a chance. You might also rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood who often visit these casinos for a little downtime.