Web Series: GOONS INC

April 17, 2019
Game On!

South Australia’s Andrew Shanks, Nicholas Cleary and Daniel Vink aka Fury Fingers put their own money on the line – $15,000 according to the team, which mostly went towards equipment and catering, of course – to make the 4-part series GOONS INC, described as ‘an action driven comedy-adventure about what life (and death) is like as a video-game goon.’ There must be something in the Adelaide water, as Fury Fingers follow on from the incredibly pop culture success of The Racka Racka.

GOONS INC trailer below

The series led to meetings with various game companies, awards for Best Web Series at the South Australian Screen Awards and Best Special Effects at the Asia Web Awards, along with selection at Melbourne Web Fest, Berlin Webfest and Seoul Webfest. It also got them noticed by Screen Australia and Google, which has put forward $100,000 in funding towards a new web series, Love, Guns and Levels Ups through the Skip Ahead initiative.





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