Trailer: Zero-Point: Season Zero

December 14, 2018
A trailer has dropped for this new local animated web series featuring Australia's first Indigenous superhero!

Superheroes are everywhere these days. Thankfully, it’s not all about Disney and Warner Bros. wringing every last cent out of the craze, and the popularity of the genre is also being used for good!

Case in point is the recent Cleverman TV series, which incorporated Indigenous storytelling into its modern day setting, and taking a similar tact is Zero-Point creator Jonathon Saunders.

“My goal is to tell a superhero story like no other,” he says. “At its core, the series is about people dealing with trauma and power; discovering new truths and finding out where they fit in an ever-changing world. This includes Australia’s history of one group in power enforcing their will on another, and how this shapes our political actions on the world’s stage.”

Australia’s Indigenous people have been telling stories for thousands of years, and excitingly, now they are sharing it with us and the rest of the world.

Per its synopsis, ‘ZERO-POINT: SEASON ZERO introduces a world of super-powered terrorists, over-regulated superheroes, addictive “super-drugs”, Government cover-ups and action-packed fight scenes. It is filled with political subtext mirroring many contemporary social issues including the fight for sovereignty of our First Nations people and the fallout of the Maralinga Nuclear tests.’

The voice cast is pretty special too, with Mark Cole-Smith (Last Cab to Darwin) as Zero-Point, funny man Stephen Oliver (Black Comedy) as ‘post-human terrorist Samson’, and Ebony Maguire (Yirra-Yaakin & Ilbijerri Theatre Company) as ‘Wing Commander’.

4 episodes have been produced, with the hope that further seasons of the show will be backed by an interested broadcaster or streaming platform. For now, we will have Season Zero.

Keep up with the show at its website, and you won’t forget the live date, January 26, 2019.


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