Trailer: Crossfire Short Film

May 14, 2019
We don't usually hype short films by posting their trailer, but this upcoming Australian flick looks impressive.

Production company District Films is run by filmmakers Mert Berdilek and Alper Kasap, who self-financed Crossfire to the tune of $5k, shooting it over 3 days in an AirBnB house in Mont Albert, Victoria.

The 14 minute short is set in the suburbs, following an enigmatic man searching for salvation. Directed by Berdilek, the cast includes Sal Galofaro, Eugenia Rahi, Rowan Howard, Aidan Resitoglu, Chloe Destiny and Ron Jacobson (you know, Kenny’s dad).

Crossfire looks like a moody piece, with an impressive sounding score by Robert J Sedky and photography by Kasap (shot on a RED SCARLET-W with Zeiss Milvus lenses). Watch out for the film in upcoming film festivals.

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