Trailer: Beached Aziversary

December 14, 2018
The YouTube hit returns ten years later with a 10-part series.

Back in 2008, Australians Anthony Macfarlane, Jarod Green, and Nick Boshier made a 90-second cartoon about a Kiwi whale that is beached….as. Made for $16, the cartoon went viral, leading to more cartoons, merch, lots of fun at New Zealanders’ expense, and your annoying friend mimicking some of the dialogue from the show.

In 2019, we are getting the Beached Aziversary, ten episodes that will tackle ‘issues relating to ocean health. Which is nice. Go them. Through their wonderful and slightly bizarre comedic lens, the chaps will tackle topics like; global warming, over-fishing, farmed-fishing, careless marine engineering, micro-biology, pollution, coral bleaching, environmental neglect, and the-old-chest-nut... unchecked-capitalism (to name a few). Sounds like a real hoot.’

The series will air from March 2019 on + + instagram/

Here’s a trailer.

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