Top 10 Movie Slots

November 18, 2020
The movie tie-ins are not disappearing anytime soon and no one wants them to, because they present us with very beautiful movie themed slots to enjoy.

Now, apart from the fact that these movie-themed slots allow you to enjoy our favourite movie characters on the screen, they are also very solid slot games when you consider them separately. Many new online casinos in Australia provide a selection, if not all, of the games you’ll find below – so if you like the sound of any, be sure to give them a try.

The list below contains the top 10 slot games with movie themes that slot lovers cannot resist.

1.   Gladiator

This slot was inspired by Russell Crowe’s epic box office hit, and it was also a hit of its own, with amazing visuals and sound effects. Here, you will have 50 pay-lines on 5 reels, with extra features like the 100 extra spins bonus round to enjoy. There is also a 200x multiplier that you can win by matching up the necessary symbols.

2.   Superman the Movie

This is the first in the Superman slots trilogy, and this is themed after the first Superman movie that starred Gene Hackman and Christopher Reeve. The slot adaptation of this 1978 movie has 100 pay-lines, with an amazing four progressive jackpots. Coupled with other features are the low minimum stakes and the 3D graphics. In general, the game is a very good one, both on the Lex Luthor or the Clark Kent budget.

3.   Superman II

This is the first Superman sequel, and here, you will encounter Lex Luthor squaring up against the Man of Steel. But the Man of Steel gets help from the three Kyrptonians who have some scores to settle with the savior with red pants. You may not enjoy it as much as the first one, but there are some tricks that will keep you glued to the slot game. You can win 5000x your stake when you match some symbols, and the mini games you can activate here are up to 5.

4.   Man of Steel

Here, Superman gets a more advanced remake, with Henry Cavill as the major character. Just like the second and the first, this is also less impressive than the first two, especially when you look at the potential winnings. But you can still enjoy some good multipliers and bonus modes. Many people enjoy this because you can wager as low as 0.02 coins. It comes with 25 pay-lines, but you can double them with the Krypton bonus.

5.   Justice League

The movie brought some air of divisiveness, but the slot tried to be neutral and balanced. The huge stakes will lure some in and scare some away. However, caution is advised. But the possible win you can get from a 2000 stake is amazing. Players will also enjoy a progressive jackpot here, plus superheroes like Superman, Catwoman, and others were properly cast here.

6.   The Dark Knight

This is another amazing release from director Christopher Nolan. It is the sequel to the Batman Begins film. It can make people moody with the bittersweet outstanding performance from Heath Ledger. This slot and even the movie will always showcase his version of The Joker, as the 3D tech allowed them to recreate the settings and characters here. It is a very low stakes slot, with a progressive jackpot, where players can wager as low as 1p and hope to win up to £1 million.

7.   Planet of Apes

In this remake of the 2011 movie, master of mo-cap acting, Andy Serkis plays the role of Caesar. The slot has properly implemented CGI effects and motion capture. This does not come with any progressive jackpot, but the two screens nature of the game makes up for this. With this, there are two interesting games to enjoy and the pay-lines double from 20 to 40 for more possible wins.

8.   Highlander

We can have only one highlander. But the slot pays many winners at the same time. Here, players will enjoy a 100,000 coins maximum win. This slot talks about a classic movie, but the sounds and visuals places the old Highlander movie in an advanced 21st century setting. The game has unique wild symbols, so you need to try it out if you love movie themed slots.

9.   Rocky

This is the slot adaptation of many people’s favourite underdog movie. It’s from Playtech, and in keeping with the traditional settings of the film, it has just 25 pay-lines upon 5 reels. Keeping with the grass to grace style of Rocky, players can enjoy very low stakes here, but they can also win a huge 10,000x multiplier with it. That can happen only when you land five Rockys in a row.

10.   Pink Panther

This is another elegant offering from top software developer, Playtech. This is where you get to experience the bumbling Clouseau force his way to the diamond through several clues. Here, an amazing progressive jackpot may also be there for you to grab. Apart from the progressive, another jackpot only game is also available here. This is all sorts to all players, so you will enjoy it.


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