by Benny Rose

The movie world has drawn on so many areas for inspiration over the years. Big screen hits are based on everything from superheroes and the multiverse to dinosaurs and video games, while there is also room for grittier, real-world themes.

In terms of the latter, one issue that has arisen frequently is social media – and this makes sense considering the impact that such platforms now have on our lives.

Staying connected

Many of us use these services day after day, as the apps have proven to be a good way to stay connected to friends and loved ones.

However, while they have offered positive elements, we have also had to get savvy in how we use them – particularly in terms of both safety and security. These issues are highlighted by ExpressVPN’s guide to staying safe on social media, which details how we may not want strangers to have access to our photos and activities. The page also puts a spotlight on some of the measures we can take to post with privacy, including using multiple accounts and limiting certain posts to just close friends. It adds that individuals can remove metadata and also require approvals for tags.

When all of this is considered, it is clear that social media raises a lot of intriguing issues. As a result, it is understandable that the area has had an influence on cinema. Here, we take a look at three different ways that the movie world has handled the topic.

1.   Catfish

This might have been one of the first movies to explore the stranger side of social media. The Rotten Tomatoes page on Catfish outlines how the documentary and drama released in 2010 follows a photographer who develops online relationships with a family.

No spoilers, but it is fair to say that events take an intriguing turn.

2.   The Social Network

Also released in 2010, The Social Network looks at the social media phenomenon from a different angle – as it is based on the creation of Facebook.

The movie’s IMDb page details how it won three Oscars and features A-list talent across the board, from director David Fincher to stars including Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.

3.   Ingrid Goes West

Another interesting take on the subject, the official website for Ingrid Goes West explains how former Parks & Recreation star Aubrey Plaza plays a social media stalker who moves to LA.

The movie was directed by Matt Spicer and the cast includes Elizabeth Olsen and Wyatt Russell.

An intriguing influence

Whether you use it or not, there is no denying that social media has had a major impact on our culture. It is interesting to see how it has influenced cinema since its emergence and the examples above show that the topic has been explored in different ways.

However, as the concept continues to play a role in many parts of our lives, the chances are that we will see lots more movies on the topic in the years to come.


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