See More of Paradise Island in the New Wonder Woman Trailer

March 13, 2017
...and London, but it's not for everyone.

Here’s the final trailer for Wonder Woman, coming several months before the film’s June 1 release date, which is a bit odd. This is, really, DC/Warner’s last chance to Get It Right – after so many lackluster efforts in the superhero shared universe space, it’s hard to see how their efforts to do a Marvel can go on if they fumble the ball again. Yes, there are other films in the pipeline, but Justice League is already hampered by the Curse of Snyder, while Aquaman is, well, Aquaman – even if it’s great, it’ll still have a hard time getting around having a walking (swimming?) punchline for a lead character.*

So it falls to Wonder Woman to save the day, and it certainly looks like she’s got the chops. The scenes on Paradise Island/Themiscyra look great – there’s a tone and a colour palette going on there we haven’t seen in the DC movies before, and the contrast between there and “Man’s World” as embodied by World War One-era London is striking. And let us note that the action looks great – director Patty Jenkins knows what’s going on there, leaning more towards wide shots and displays of power than frenetic cutting and visual chaos.

Let’s hope Wonder Woman is a winner. If nothing else, it’s getting boring pounding on DC movies after so long (although it’s not like they don’t deserve it). God willing, this is the first step towards rehabilitating the brand – one gets the feeling we’ll never hear the end of it if the first major female-led super flick is a dud.

*Not impossible. If this film turns out to be what legitimises the character in the eyes of the mainstream, then boo ya.


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