Restoration Opening Credits

August 1, 2016
Aussie SF thriller to debut on 9Go! before moving to Stan.

We’re definitely in something of an Australian SF renaissance at the moment, with the likes of Shane Abbess (Infini) and the Spierig Brothers (Predesitination) pumping out well-received genre fair on the reg. Now here comes Restoration, an hour long high concept sci-fi thriller from director, Stuart Willis, that will make its public bow on 9Go! this Saturday, August 6, before jumping over to the Stan streaming service from September 8.

Set in a near-future world where people can backup their memories just like a computer, Restoration stars Grant Cartwright as Oliver Klein, a man who wakes up after a memory restoration in the wrong body (or his body wakes up with the wrong memories – let’s not go down the rabbit hole of identity science and philosophy just now). Craig McLachlan also stars, along with Nadia Townsend, Stephen Carracher, Rosie Lourde and Elizabeth Nabbin.




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