Quickflix Lives to Fight Another Day, Disc by Disc

January 27, 2017
At least somebody is benefiting from Australia's terrible internet service.

Quickflix is back! Following a punishing couple of years, the grandaddy of Australian streaming services has a new lease on life, thanks to the timely purchase of the company by American outfit, Karma Media Holdings. And while we reported on Quckflix’s new streaming offerings a while back now, it appears that the real carrot is not digital distro, but rather the company’s mail order DVD/Blu Ray rental service.

Speaking to Fairfax, Karma Media Holdings’ Erik Pence said, “We believe the DVD business in Australia still has a lot of legs and is very strong. DVD is familiar and known and many people prefer it.”

Now, that is surely code for, “Streaming is useless if you can’t get good internet” – a problem that plagues many Australian consumers who don’t live in the timeline where we all got NBN by the end of 2016. To that end, Quickflix is beefing up their dis rental service, offering a package of five discs at a time, instead of the current one, and giving customers the option to pay a little extra after viewing to keep their discs. All this is designed to entice consumers who, for whatever reason, still side-eye digital delivery – and there are plenty of those.

Still, will that be enough to keep Quickflix competitive in a market not only dominated by Netflix and Stan, but home to an increasing number of specialist and niche providers, such as the recently-launched Ozflix? We shall see.

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