3D TV Keels Over

January 27, 2017
LG and Sony cease production of 3D televisions.

3D is a weird beast. Occasionally, it adds a level of immersion to a cinematic experience; generally, though, it’s a bell or whistle too far, an unwanted extra that actually works against the audience’s engagement (source: countless conversations on this subject). Still, it’s been a constant for the last few years, with almost every major popcorner released in 3D.

Yet while theatrical 3D seems to have settled in for the long haul (with pundits noting its value in putting bums on seats in overseas territories such as China), the format has never been able to gain much of a foothold in the home market, with 3D televisions being expensive, glitchy, and requiring one to wear an expensive and stupid-looking headset. These factors and more have contributed to the news that LG and Sony have pulled the plug on the manufacture of 3D TVs, effectively killing off the format.

LG and Sony were the last major manufacturers still producing 3D – Samsung and Panasonic had already dropped the technology, and while some minor manufacturers may keep the light on for a bit, that’ is pretty much that.

Still, if you do own a 3D TV, now’s a good time to keep an eye on JB Hi-Fi for the inevitable end-of-line 3D Blu Ray sale.

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