SPA CEO, Matthew Deaner said, “Australia’s screen sector is ready for a plan for sustainable growth and regulatory certainty that values and champions our culture and creativity.

“SPA thanks outgoing Minister Paul Fletcher for important measures to support the industry through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic such as increased offset funding, insurance backing and programs to build our gaming industry.

“Former Minister Fletcher has been a champion of bringing international productions to Australia. This has been good for some, but the industry needs a better balance and strategy to foster Australian creative talent and skills and build intellectual property and the small businesses that operate in our sector and export our Australian brand and stories.

“Creating an ongoing, certain, and robust regulatory framework for the streaming platforms to ensure a strong commitment to Australian screen culture and intellectual property is SPA’s first priority.

“Australians expect and deserve more high-quality Australian content on their screens. It is critical that an incoming Government create opportunities and certainty for our sector in both good and bad times now and into the future to ensure there is stability for our industry and more Australian content on Australian screens.

“We have been alarmed at the rapid decline in various types of Australian stories on our screens since regulation to protect children’s, drama and documentary programs on free-to-air channels was downgraded.

“The flow-on effects across the screen sector have been highly detrimental to the production ecosystem. A government that values creativity will address this deficit.

“SPA will also be pressing for action on a number of other important issues including addressing unfair negotiations between our SME producers and global streaming businesses and others, building the economic value of our creative sector through better intellectual property capture and commercialisation and strong regulation and reporting on key data.  We also see a role in regulation to ensure the advancement and support of First Nation’s storytelling.

“SPA looks forward to working with a new Labor Cabinet and, as we anticipate, new Ministers Michelle Rowland MP and Tony Burke MP to deliver on a new vision and commitment to the creative sector and we congratulate them on their success,” said Mr Deaner.