by FilmInk Staff

The captivating thriller drama Hagar’s Hut is currently in production, promising to deliver a gripping tale set against the scenic backdrop of the beautifully rugged Queensland landscape. Written by local Indigenous Australian writer Jesse Seeley and directed by Stephen Osborne, (Dome House Six, Strangeville), the film embarks on a journey through the complexities of psychological trauma and that of the lines it often blurs between reality and fantasy.

The story follows Skye, a young girl fleeing from the clutches of abuse inflicted upon her by her psychiatrists, who seeks solace in the untamed wilderness. There, she encounters Xan, a mysterious figure whose motives and identity remain shrouded in enigma. As Skye navigates the delicate balance between truth and illusion, Hagar’s Hut unfolds as a suspenseful exploration of resilience and survival.

Jesse Seeley, known for her nuanced narratives that resonate with cultural depth, crafts a script that delves into the profound themes of identity and the enduring nature of the human spirit. Director Stephen Osborne, renowned for his evocative storytelling and visual prowess, brings this vision to life with a cinematic finesse that promises to captivate audiences.

Leading the cast are Lincoln Lewis and Zarlia Chisholm, whose performances are set to illuminate the screen with their depth and authenticity. Lewis, stepping into a role unlike any we have seen him in to date, portrays a character pivotal to the unfolding drama, while Chisholm brings a fresh perspective and undeniable talent to her portrayal of Skye.

In addition to Lewis and Chisholm, the team behind the highly anticipated film production is in advanced discussions with several distinguished Australian actors, exploring their potential involvement in the project.

“We are excited about the possibility of collaborating with these esteemed actors,” said Osborne. “Their interest in the project speaks volumes about its compelling script and the creative vision we aim to bring to life.”

Currently in production and scheduled for completion by the end of August, Hagar’s Hut represents a collaboration of visionary talents in Australian cinema, supported by a dedicated team, committed to delivering a thought-provoking and visually stunning experience.

“We are excited to bring this story to life,” remarked writer Jesse Seeley. “This film explores the multifaceted, often complex aspects of mental health and showcases the strength and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.”

Hagar’s Hut is produced by Matthew Brook and Mica Media in collaboration, known for their commitment to boundary-pushing storytelling and sparking meaningful dialogue.

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Photo by Brian Flexmore)