The new, global movie production studios will open in the first half of 2024 on 45 hectares at Duqm in Oman, a picturesque town on the coastal strip of the Arabian Sea that is open to the Indian Ocean.

Mr Ibrahim said, “As you can imagine, we have already commenced talks with a number of A-list actors who are very keen to get on board. With the on-going issue of SAG – AFTRA talent strikes crippling Hollywood for much of this year and no resolution in sight, big blockbuster names and everyone involved in the film production industry are now needing to look elsewhere for their income security.”

He added, “I’m so excited to be partnering with several major members of the Royal Families in the region and believe the first movie will be filming next year. We are building five studios over the next few years and are looking at attracting some of the world’s biggest production companies.”

Michael Ibrahim, who recently caught up with Bella Hadid overseas said “Bella is a very inspiring young lady, and I would be honoured and privileged if I ever have the chance to work with her in the Middle East.”