By Travis Johnson

A young couple trapped by a tropical cyclone find the weather to be the preferable of two evils – the other being the trio of criminals who have invaded their beach house during the storm. That’s the back-of-a napkin premise of Landfall, the third film from writer/director Travis Bain. Landfall marks Bain’s second collaboration with Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2, Commando), who also cropped up in Throwback, Bain’s last move. Rob Stanfield and Kristen Condon also feature but hey, Vernon Wells!

Right now Landfall is half in the can, with Bain and his team running and Indiegogo campaign to help finish the project. You can check it out here.

“We’ve got half a taut, nasty little thriller in the can,” Bain said of the project, “and hopefully when people see the teaser they’ll get pumped and help us finish the project with a pledge of a few dollars.”

Expect Landfall on the festival circuit in 2017, with a wider release the following year.





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