Green Room Film Fund Round 2 Winners Announced

March 20, 2018
Four projects will receive funding assistance.

The Green Room has announced the winners of the second round of its $50,000 Filmmaker Fund which was conceived to celebrate the launch of the Green Room app and in the process provide funding support for its members.

According to the organisers, following the success of the first round more than 270 entries were received with submission of fictional narratives dominating as opposed to round one where non-fiction works took centre stage.

“This round has been even harder to judge because the creativity and imagination in fictional narratives submitted has no limit.  Our members have created amazing projects within the Green Room network all waiting to be realised and crewed. We are happy to be able to provide them the means and where possible, funding,” said filmmaker and Green Room co-founder Kosta Nikas.

Recipients of the first round of funding have been progressing with their projects, including that of Anam Abbas who was recently inducted into the prestigious Berlinale Talent Programme of the Berlin International Film Festival.

“We’d like to congratulate all our members and the winners of round two. Following the industry’s positive response to our MVP Apps we are speaking with potential investors and with the additional funding complete the development of new features requested by our members, making us soon the number #1 network | resource in the world” says Green Room co-founder and CEO Peter Lord.

The winning recipients for the second funding round are as follows:

Noah Wagner

“The Watch Room team and I are ecstatic and truly honored to receive such generous support from The Green Room Filmmakers Fund.  After 2+ years of grinding away to bring our AI-ethics thriller to life, we had financially stalled out in the final stages of post. This prevented us from planning its release, and in turn, stunted much of the momentum we had built (as well as the development of the feature version). We were in filmmaking purgatory, with no way out.

So this award changes everything! And to have been chosen by such an esteemed international panel of fellow filmmakers – that validation is truly humbling and empowering. So thank you – I cannot wait to finish this film and share it with the Green Room community and world at large!”

– Noah Wagner

Clea Frost

“Jayden, Tom and I are so excited to have this support from the Green Room Filmmakers Fund. We are enormously grateful both to the organisers and to the panel of industry experts who saw something special in our weird but wonderful project. It’s such validation for us as a creative team and for the project to be recognized in this way. In the current market, it’s increasingly difficult for truly independent filmmakers to raise financing and completion funds, especially when you are pushing boundaries creatively. Our film, entitled A Family, is at times strange and confronting, but ultimately is about the desire for real human connection – something that we all share. Having done the hard work of shooting a no-budget feature in Ukraine, the Australian creative team are now working hard to complete its post-production. It’s a critical time for us and this support from the Green Room Filmmakers Fund will help us bring this film to the big screen. We cannot wait to share this story with an audience.”

– Clea Frost

Eric Whitten

“Finding funding for a passion project is tough. Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one rooting for the success and even with conviction it’s hard to find others to climb on board with your vision. The Green Room has climbed on board and are going to take a ride with us through this original idea I call Chalk. This funding will not only help us complete the film, it will make sure that the quality is supreme and the vision secure. I owe it to my cast and crew who worked so hard on this project and others who believed in me to deliver a great film and thanks to The Green Room that dream is now a possibility.”

– Eric Whitten


Fivaz Buys

“The longer it takes to complete a film project, the less likely it becomes that you’ll finish it.  The Incident – Playing the Hero is a self-funded, low-budget, fictional drama, that couldn’t have come into existence without the time and dedication of our multi-national (cast and crew) team. It was filmed in very cold conditions in Munich, Germany and post-production is mainly being done in Canberra, Australia. I’m delighted about this award from the Green Room! The funds will help a great deal to finance the remaining post-production work of this film project”

– Fivaz Buys

CALLING ALL FILMMAKERS: Apply now for funding support in the 3rd and final round:



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