Get Out Trailer

February 21, 2017
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? gets the horror treatment from comedian-turned-director Jordan Peele.

Rejoice! For, although we missed out on a theatrical release for Keanu, we are for sure getting a decent look at Get Out, the racially charged horror movie from Jordan “half of Key & Peele” Peele.

The film sees Daniel Kaluuya’s African-American college student heading home for the weekend with his white girlfriend (Allison Williams) in order to meet her parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener, perfectly cast) for the first time. What could have been a simple few days worth of uncomfortable interactions (clock Whitford’s awkward deploying of ebonics) gives way to something much darker, when it becomes apparent that the picture-perfect suburb hides a sinister secret.

And what is that secret? Why modern slavery of course! Based on the snippets we get here, it seems clear that Whitford, Keener and company are surgically and chemically modifying black people to serve as indentured chattel, in a modern parable worthy of Serling. That’s sure to push a lot of people’s buttons, which is a good thing – one of the key values of horror as a genre is its ability to explore topics a bit too raw for mainstream drama to process effectively.

We’re keen as heck for this one. Get Out hits cinemas on May 4.


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