By Anthony Frajman

Filming is currently underway in Queensland on the medieval drama Magdala Rose, directed by Paul Day, starring TV veterans Rowena Wallace (Sons and Daughters, Number 96, Neighbours) and Joss McWilliam (H2O Just Add Water, Water Rats) and 19 year-old newcomer Jenna Kenney, who makes her feature debut in the film.

“It was an amazing opportunity of working with Rowena Wallace and Joss McWilliam who have worked on so many amazing projects throughout their careers,” Kenney told us.

Jenna Kenney with Rowena Wallace

Set in 1244, Magdala Rose follows the against odds story of a small legion of persecuted heretics.

Facing persecution and the complete destruction of their kind, the film follows the attempted eradication and battle of the pacifist Christian group known as Cathars.

Under serious threat of slaughter, they find protection in a group of 100 defending knights, who, against odds hold a crusading army of over 10,000 mercenaries at bay – for 9 months.

According to legend, many people believe that the Cathars were the guardians of a treasure of great significance, possibly even The Holy Grail.

Some believe those surviving managed to slip away from the battle and retrieve this hidden treasure and get it safely away from the control of the Catholic Church.

Co-star Jenna Kenney, who plays Esclarmonde de Pereille, daughter of Lady Corba de Pereille (Wallace) and Lord Raymond de Pereille (McWilliam) described the experience as very exciting, “seeing all the details of the time come alive, how they cooked and prepared food, trying on the armour that was worn…”

Magdala Rose is due to wrap shortly.

A release is set for 2019.

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