By Travis Johnson

Production has begun on Father’s Day, a new thriller from Exile Entertainment and debut feature writer/director, Jason Raftopoulos.

Pawno‘s Damian Hill stars a gambling addict who has a handful of hours to pay back a large debt to a dangerous loan shark. Unluckily for him, it’s on a day he’s forced by his ex-wife to take care of their young son. Arthur Angel (Red Dog), Kat Stewart (Offspring) and Tony Nikolakopoulos (Head On) co-star, with newcomer Ty Perham playing the son.

Exile describe the film as “…a modern day Bicycle Thieves set against an urban backdrop,” which is certainly an intriguing premise. Producer Alexandros Ouzas goes on to say that “…we wanted to get out there on the streets of Melbourne and shoot a film with the approach of our European influences: the likes of Goddard, Rossellini, Visconti. Father’s Day lends itself to this style of filmmaking as it follows the protagonist on his journey over one day. We are shooting at a rapid pace as we follow our main character on location with many non-actors.”

Bounty Entertainment and Exile Distribution are handling Australasian distribution. Hopefully we’ll get a good look at Father’s Day before the end of the year.




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