By Jackie Shannon

The debut feature from seasoned shorts and commercials writer/director, Luke Shanahan, Rabbit sees Adelaide Clemens play identical twins, Maude and Cleo Ashton. Almost a year after her identical twin, Cleo’s disappearance, medical student, Maude, is still haunted by visions of her violent abduction. Convinced that she is still alive, Maude follows the clues to a derelict caravan park where she discovers that her fate is intrinsically linked to that of her sister.
Along with Adelaide Clemens (The Great Gatsby, Rectify), Rabbit also stars Alex Russell (Chronicle, Goldstone) and Belgian actress, Veerle Baetens, who starred in the Oscar nominee The Broken Circle Breakdown. Filming is set to wrap in Adelaide this week after six weeks on location. “I’ve always been intrigued by sibling rivalry and, in particular, the unique relationship between twins,” says Luke Shanahan. “I was interested in exploring how two characters, sharing 99 percent of the same DNA, deal with the most extreme situations.”
Adds producer David Ngo: “What Luke is creating is something truly original. The film is an intense ride into the world of twins and telepathy, that shows just how far we’ll go to save the person we love. Luke was after a particular visual style, but we didn’t expect a 150-year storm, floods, and blackouts! It’s given the film an amazing look.”
PHOTO CAPTION: L-R – Veerle Baetens- (Nerida), Adelaide Clemens (Maude/Cleo), Alex Russell, (Ralph), Simon Stollery, (Sir Jonathan), Charles Mayer, (Keith), Charlotte and Chelsea Munns (Rachel and Belinda). Shot on location by Ben Baker.
  • Sasharaptor
    4 November 2016 at 12:19 pm

    I know the twins they are some of my best friends! Love them! I actually saw them on the night that one of them got the fake eye!

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