by Robert Cowell

The seven episodes were well received, and the success of the series could inspire new Aussie Rules-themed movies.

Making Their Mark Was a Critical Success

Making Their Mark has a rating of 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb, and the consensus is that the series provides incredible insight that can’t be found anywhere else. It appealed to Aussie Rules fans who wanted to learn more about their teams, but it was also accessible to people who knew nothing about the sport and wanted to get a taste of it.

The cameras follow six different AFL clubs during the 2020 season, and viewers get the feeling that they are right there with the players. They get a sense of what it’s like to compete in such a fierce competition, and one that is so important to fans in the country. There are strong themes throughout, including courage and leadership, and this allows for an uplifting journey towards the end.

Amazon Could Double Down on Aussie Rules Content

Amazon may be tempted to make more AFL-based content after the success of Making Their Mark. An Aussie Rules-based All or Nothing series could be a great move forward for the streaming service. Making Their Mark focused on several different teams in the AFL and gave viewers an overview of the sport in general. A future documentary could opt to follow one of the top teams instead.

In terms of who Amazon could decide to make a series about, it would be interesting to examine the contrasting fortunes of the two Melbourne sides. According to the Aussie Rules betting, Melbourne can be found at 18/5 to win the grand final this year. But their neighbours, North Melbourne, are the lowest-placed team in the bookies’ estimations at 100/1. How did two teams in the same city follow such divergent paths?

Another option for Amazon could be to commission some Aussie Rules films on the platform. Its viewers may be in search of other ways to get a taste of the sport, and a semi-fictional or fictional tale of an Aussie Rules team could go down a treat. There have been a few great movies based on the sport to date including Australian Rules in 2002, The Merger in 2018, and Aussie Rules the World in 2014.

There is a strong chance that the success of Making Their Mark could influence Amazon to make more films about Aussie Rules. It would also make sense for viewers to get the option to watch some of the Aussie Rules classics that have already been made. The sport is perfect for the silver screen, but because it is far from famous outside of Australia, it hasn’t been represented as much as it should have been.


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