Why Casino Games Make a Strong Movie Partnership

March 26, 2021
The idea of cross-promotions in major media is hardly a new one. The likes of McDonald’s have long banked on the success of films, and millennia earlier the same idea even held for the gladiators of Rome, minus more technological aspects.

The marketers of cross-promotions are always looking to expand their bases, exploring each avenue as it enters mainstream visibility. In the modern age, few methods reflect this development as well as the landscape of online casinos. Still growing in their implementation, we want to examine why.

An Opportunity Explored

Despite being young when compared to their offline cousins, online casinos have quickly become one of the largest online services. In 2019, the total value of the online casino world was measured at $45.8 billion, which is expected to rise to $77 billion by 2026. For reference, the much older video game market was valued somewhere around $150 billion in 2017.

King, Queen, Jack of Spades (4 of 4)
“King, Queen, Jack of Spades (4 of 4)” by Poker Photos (CC BY 2.0)

As any video game enthusiast will tell you, video games tying into movie properties is an old standard, so the arrival of casinos games following the same path is hardly a stretch. The primary difference between the two, however, comes in the relative cost and difficultly of creating an enjoyable experience. Video games require large worlds and gameplay that needs to balance the demands and trends of the modern market. Themed casino games, like slots, have their own intricacies but are generally much cheaper and easier to get right. The match, as it turns out, has been a strong one overall.

A Combination Matched

Most commonly, themed casino games tie into slots. These are the games that offer the most customisability, so the combination is a natural one. Slots are also, as it turns out, the greatest recipient of online casino promotions. Bonuses like daily missions and free spins create a straight path from players to themed games, which guarantees a constant level of engagement and enjoyment.

Indirectly, even promotions not involved with movies can boost the popularity of movie slots. For example, these Pragmatic Play Drops & Wins offer enormous tournaments with many different prizes and games available. It’s this combination of different games and prizes that effectively prime players for other titles, and the exploration of other games. Once this spirit is embraced, naturally turning to recognised movie properties in slots is a common result.

In the Digital Age

As we enter the digital age, the domination of franchises has become a significant part of our zeitgeist. Movie series like The Avengers have gone on to become some of the most successful of all time, where everybody pushes for more ways to expand fictional worlds. Casino games are just one of the ways we achieve this, as an important part of an increasingly complex puzzle.

On current trends, we’d only expect our reliance and love of entertainment to become bigger. Bigger budgets, bigger audiences, and bigger infrastructure all combine to set a path too broad to ignore. No matter what series and properties reach the mainstage in the next few years, the involvement of outside media like casino games into the fold is a given.


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