Welcome to Tinder for Trekkies

February 10, 2016
And here are five reasons why it’s worth swiping right for a Trekkie…

Whether your idea of a perfect date is a Star Trek marathon or you’re just after a loyal life partner, you may want to consider trekdating.com, a new niche in online dating. It’s a website aimed at connecting sci-fi enthusiasts looking for love. Yep, for real.

In the words of the site’s founder, Jonathan Bird: “There are so many great qualities in Star Trek fans which are so often hidden under a reinforced hull safe behind shields. However, once you peel back that hard outer shell, you discover a warm and lovable centre. In other words, the perfect life partner.”

1. Razor Sharp Attention To Detail

A Star Trek fan has an attention to detail that could rival a Vulcan and you can be sure that they would put it to good use. Have you ever wished that your partner wouldn’t forget your two-week anniversary? Or that they would remember what your favourite film was so that after a difficult day all they would have to do is take one look at you, and know that it was time to bring out the Ben & Jerry’s and put on The Princess Bride.

2. They Won’t Be Scared Away

Seeing as most of their life has revolved around dozens of impossible cultures and creatures, the elusive Trekkie is incredibly hard to scare away either intentionally or by accident. Believe me, if they are ready to accept that even Spock had sexual urges, then I think that they would be pretty accepting to any of your ‘preferences’. This is a definite positive for both your personal quirks and your bedroom fantasies. They really will ‘go where no man has gone before’!

3. Killer Communication Skills

With the difficulties that the crew of the enterprise faced while trying to communicate with the multiple alien species they discovered on their travels, you just know that your Trekkie life partner will be a good listener. This is important in any relationship, be it discussing how best to avoid all-out war with the Klingons, or trying to decide on what restaurant to go to for dinner.

4. Acts of Selflessness

With the fine examples set by the crew of the Enterprise, your Trekkie life partner will always put your needs ahead of their own. As Kirk willingly went into a radioactive chamber to stop the Enterprise and all its crew from plunging to their deaths, similarly your Trekkie will selflessly put themselves in the line of fire and go with you to your second cousin’s wedding with you with all the weird relatives.

5. Satisfaction!

Following in the footsteps of famous ladies’ man Captain Kirk, you know that your Trekkie life partner will exhaust all potential leads in their journey to satisfy both your sexual and your emotional needs.

In conclusion, we can all agree that you could do a lot worse than choose a Trekkie as your life partner, ‘Live long and prosper’.

Jonathan Bird is the founder and Managing Director of WarehouseDating.com, a dating network that encompasses niche sites worldwide including TrekDating.com. His one and only ever employee review stated that Jonathan Bird was an out of the box thinker. In fact, Jonathan has no idea where the box is.

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