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April 20, 2015
Rose Byrne leads a new Australian all female production company.

While busy building an impressive resume overseas, Rose Byrne still has one foot firmly planted in Oz, and the Australian actress is one fifth of the new local production company, The Dollhouse Collective.

Byrne will be working under this banner alongside fellow friends and associates, actress/director Gracie Otto (who recently helmed the acclaimed documentary The Last Impresario), actress/writer Krew Boyland (A Place To Call Home), director Shannon Murphy (behind a string of well-received shorts) and publicist/producer Jessica Carrera.

The new production company is being cited as a move that “continues the charge for a greater representation of females across the industry”.

“The idea has been germinating for a while. We are close friends and we have worked together, so it’s been a natural progression. We realised we are a group of creatives and saw the opportunity to achieve more together than as individuals,” the newly form collective said in a joint statement.

The Dollhouse Collective has a number of projects in development and their current slate includes Seriously Red written by Boylan, produced by Matt Reeder, with Bryne executive producing Girls in Hotels helmed by Otto with Carrera producing the short feature When All the Water, helmed by Murphy, and scripted by Marisa Nather.

For more on The Dollhouse Collective, visit their website.



  1. Eva fabian

    Good morning ,
    I heard your interview on ABC recently, you seem to be interested in extraordinary women’s lives.
    I have a scrip that may be of interest to you and would like to meet you.
    I live in Melbourne but will be in Sydney next week and if you have time I would like to meet . I will be available on wed afternoon, Thursday or Friday . Or Saturday if that suits.

  2. Judith Bissland


    Can you let me know what your submission process is. We have a script which documents the revolution in nursing from 1940 to 1970 from the perspective of a very feisty woman who had to overcome many personal and physical issues to succeed in making a difference.

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