Web Series: Real Melbourne

June 24, 2019
Mockumentary series equal parts Park & Recreation and Chris Lilley debuts online.

Production company Dexter Goes Woof has launched the first 2 episodes of their web series, subtitled ‘Stories. People. Stories About People’.

Directed by Mel Killingsworth (Phi & Me), shot by Hannah Palmer (Rostered On) and edited by Shannon Michaelas (The Wheel), Real Melbourne is the pet project of creator/writer/producer/actor Justin Edbrooke (pictured).

“I was preparing for a talk I was due to give on empathy and respect when I stumbled on the word ‘sonder’ in my research,” said Edbrooke in a press release. “Sonder means “the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.” The impact of that one word shifted my entire perspective at just the right time in my life; I was stressed, tired, frustrated and needed a reminder to reconnect with the world and people around me. I needed to be more present… more respectful… something which, in the world we’re in today, serves as a wider, timely reminder when we all need it most.

“Sonder made me think about how I could stand to be more empathic, more understanding, more generous and allow others the benefit of the doubt more often. I went from thinking thoughts like “What is that person’s problem?!” to “I wonder what that person is going through?” Because it’s true; we simply don’t know everyone else’s life story and we each have our own one to tell. …and so, Real Melbourne was born.

“Each ten minute episode of Real Melbourne focuses on one central character and explores what they do with their day-to-day lives. But when the cameras start rolling these characters find themselves coming up against varying life hurdles which they must overcome – ones which teach these characters (and us) small life lessons about resilience, survival, love, support and the importance of believing in yourself… and by doing so, unearthing what it means to be human and reminding us to think about each other just a little more often.”

And without further ado…

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