Web Series: The Holiest One

May 26, 2019
10 part series about a disillusioned young woman who travels to Los Angeles to recruit followers for a dodgy cult.

Created by Sarah Nicolazzo and Phil Speers and starring Nicolazzo, The Holiest One is a follow up to the pair’s Maddalena (Best Actress, Best International Series – New York Web Fest 2018), and whose cast also includes Anne Akhila, Tom Michelsen, Catherine Glavic, Ida Monitto, David Meadows and Emily Joy, with special appearances by Helena Ruse (Leftovers – YouTube), Goodall and Gallagher (Antisocial – YouTube), Michael Mack (Rostered On – Netflix), Chanella Macri, Nick Clark, Shelbyrae Black, Ezra Parter, among others.

Watch all 10 episodes here.

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