Trailer: The Purge: Election Year

May 20, 2016
Frank Grillo busts heads in Trump's America.

The Purge: Election Year is getting a theatrical release in Australia!

That’s really great news. The Blumhouse-produced Purge series is the Little Franchise That Could, going from what could have been a one-and-done siege movie with an interesting but plot-irrelevant premise to something witty, inventive and sharply satirical. Oh, and violent – very, very violent.

In case you’re not looped in – and given that neither The Purge nor The Purge: Anarchy got big screen releases hereabouts, there’s a decent chance you’re not – The Purge series takes place in a near future/alternative now America where for one night a year the law is suspended and the citizenry can beat, rob, rape and murder as they please. It’s a form of social control – people of means can afford to protect themselves from the chaos, or participate in it with the best arms and equipment money can buy; the poor are basically easy prey for white collar psychos. It’s great, for a certain value of “great” – this is modern grindhouse/exploitation fare in the Blumhouse style and, having pulled a combined gross of over $200 million, there’s definitely a market for it. Imagine a cross between The Strangers and Escape From New York and you’re not far wrong.

This third installment sees Frank Grillo’s cop character – introduced on a mission of revenge in The Purge: Anarchy – protecting a US senator (Elizabeth Mitchell) who has vowed to end the Purges. Naturally, Purge Night is the perfect time for the forces opposed to her to try and take her out of the picture, and we’re off to the races. It’s going to be a blast – a bloody, scary, bluntly satirical blast.

The Purge: Election Year is out later this year.

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