Trailer: Hot Mess

September 1, 2018
Remember what was important in your life in your mid-20s?

New Australian feature film Hot Mess, from first time writer/director Lucy Coleman, may have been made for bugger all, but has transcended its limitations through a frank and funny depiction of life’s priorities for a 25 year old artsy woman (brilliant newcomer Sarah Gaul).

Hot Mess holds such a special place in my heart,” says Coleman. “It was made with a tiny bit of cash and a team of young-hungry creatives throwing their hats in the ring and giving it their best shot. I saw this as a chance to tell an unbridled female lead story with a cast of incredibly funny young women. To evoke a story that felt completely honest and raw (…and humiliating, LOL). The story came from a very personal space and was brought to life with such grounded irreverence and warmth by comedienne superstar-in-the making and great mate Sarah Gaul.”

Hot Mess received a very warm reception at its international premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival, and will hopefully release in Australia soon.

With a debt to Lena Dunham’s early films, and the mumblecore craze of the early 2000s, expect exciting things on the horizon for Coleman and Gaul.


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