Our Top 5 Funniest Casino Scenes from TV and Movies – Ever!

October 19, 2018
Casinos have been featured in a variety of movies and TV shows over the years and are often closely associated since both are essentially forms of entertainment. However, there is a good reason why casinos seem to keep making guest appearances in movies and in all sorts of TV shows, it’s because casinos are fun!

Casinos also make for great visual backgrounds thanks to banks and banks of slot machines, complete with blinking lights and loud bells and whistles proclaiming an instant slots winner. Whether casinos are used as a fun backdrop in comedy movies like Hangover or The Cooler, or used to create tension in Bond movies, or in crime flicks like Casino and Goodfellas, one thing’s for certain, you’ll never get tired of seeing the great visual backdrop that they provide.

For this blog we’ve decided to focus a bit more on the fun side of when casinos make appearances in TV shows and movies. While there are obviously a lot more than five top funny scenes gleaned from our favourite shows, the general consensus compels us to list the following five as our top choices. We hope that some of these give you a good chuckle too.

Number 1 – Friends Season 1, Episode 18 (1995)

“The One with all the Poker”

Friends is an evergreen sitcom and is still as funny today as it was when it first aired on US television (and around the world) back in 1995. While technically not at a casino, we feel that it nevertheless qualifies for our list since this episode is centered on poker, one of the most popular casino card games of all time.

Friends was always gifted with some of the best comedy writers in the business and, when given a chance to set up a ‘battle of the sexes’ scene, they jumped at it. In episode 18, the lead up to the ill-fated girls versus boys poker night starts off innocently enough in Central Perk, the friends’ main hang out spot. The boys are talking about the night before when a poker game ended up making Joey cry. The girls obviously want to know why they’ve never been invited to play, alluding to a sexist/chauvinistic boys’ club poker night thing. Of course the girls end up persuading the boys to teach them the game with hilarious results!

Number 2 – Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2, Episode 4 (2001)

” The Shrimp Incident”

Curb Your Enthusiasm was the often quirky and awkward follow up to the massively popular Seinfeld sitcom. The main character, Larry David seems to almost always be at the center of an awkward or inappropriate situation and “The Shrimp Incident” is a case in point. Again, poker is the central backdrop for this worthy cringe-fest which is a must-see for both poker fans and fans of cringy but hilariously inappropriate TV shows.

Number 3 – Friends Season 5 Finale (1999)

“The One in Vegas”

Friends was probably the biggest sitcom of the ’90s so it’s little wonder that it makes a second appearance in our top 5 list. In the hilarious season finale, Chandler and Monica decide to celebrate their anniversary by heading off to Vegas but somehow manage to talk themselves into taking Phoebe along for the ride. Of course any episode featuring Phoebe is bound to be funny but add Joey in as a Las Vegas casino ‘gladiator’ and you have one of the best episodes Friends ever produced.

Number 4 – Seinfeld Season 6, Episode 13 – (1995)

“The Scofflaw”

Interestingly enough, one of the stars of Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, is actually a real-life poker player and has placed highly in not one but two WSOP (World Series of Poker) tournaments. It’s pretty fitting then that Alexander should also be the funny man in this hilarious Seinfeld episode that, while not actually filmed around a poker table, uses the iconic “poker face” reference with hilarious results.

Number 5 – South Park Season 7 (2003)

“Red Man’s Greed”

South Park was arguably the most popular of all animated comedy sketch shows (perhaps trumped only by The Simpsons). South Park was never one to shy away from controversy and “Red Man’s Greed” was certainly no different. Fun fact: South Park have their own online slot machine that is certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan of the show or an expert on online slots. In this episode a group of Native American casino owners decide to buy up the town so they can build a highway through it to connect their properties together. It’s up to the residents to come up with the cash to save their town with disastrous, but hilarious consequences!

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