They Should Make A Movie Of That: Love Struck

May 18, 2016
She stars opposite Susan Sarandon in this week’s comedy, The Meddler, and here’s another dream role – back in Australia, no less – for Rose Byrne.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Lonely after her long-term boyfriend moves interstate, Isabelle Beckett has an instantly regrettable drunken one-night stand. After hearing about it, Isabelle’s boyfriend dumps her, and she has to adjust to single life in Sydney. Isabelle moves into a share flat in Woollahra, and begins a rebound flirtation with her neighbour, Sam. She also befriends her work colleague, Fran, and unsuccessfully takes up yoga. As Isabelle battles lecherous tradesmen and opinionated taxi drivers, she finds herself constantly bumping into an infuriating acquaintance, the argumentative and funny Dr. Jack. He and Isabelle share a real spark…if only he was her type. Sure, it’s no surprise where this story is going…but it’s plenty of fun getting there. Love Struck is the debut novel by columnist, Melanie La’Brooy.

The debut novelist of columnist, Melanie La'Brooy

The debut novelist of columnist, Melanie La’Brooy

WHY WOULD IT MAKE A GOOD MOVIE? Can you remember the last clever, well written, Aussie rom-com? Neither can we. It’s time that Australian cinema had its own Bridget Jones’s Diary or The Wedding Singer. Love Struck has all the ingredients to make a memorable big screen romantic comedy, while still retaining a quintessential Australian vibe. There’s great dialogue, and an intelligent, believable central female character with a real job and genuine interests. There’s a leading man with a sense of humour. Whether Dr. Jack is making fun of Isabelle’s “regional” Melbourne dialect, or bringing her a copy of The Adventures Of Milo And Otis to watch when she’s sick, he’s a guy that you’d like to spend time with. There’s also the sexy Sydney locale. Isabelle enters the City To Surf fun run, strolls the Queen Street shops, and people-watches in Centennial Park. This story is as much about loving the Harbour City as it is a tale about a girl getting her guy. While the project could certainly do with a title change, there’s not much else missing.

WHO SHOULD MAKE IT? Writer and actress, Judith Lucy, is primarily known for her stand-up comedy, and has a flair for wry delivery and absurdist humour, and could easily take the screenwriting and directing reins of this film project. And while she professes to be a cynic, Lucy can also master sentiment.

WHO SHOULD BE IN IT? She may have fled our shores for the US, but Rose Byrne’s heart still belongs to Australia. We reckon that she owes us another film. Byrne would be perfect as the sassy, fun Isabelle. As Dr. Jack, Melbourne-born Lachy Hulme has dramatic range, but is also at ease with dry comedy. His pitch perfect portrayal of cynical senior political advisor, David “Murph” Murphy, in The Hollowmen was pure magic. Supporting roles also abound, with several stand-out opportunities for local actors. Hamish Blake may be a comedian first, but he shone when called on to display his acting skills on the TV series, Thank God You’re Here. Blake would easily fit the small role of Isabelle’s rebound guy, Sam – he’s cute, friendly, and a collector of soldier-of-fortune figurines. Meanwhile, comic actress and international success story, Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect), would be perfect as Fran, “an extremely talented painter and a not-so talented receptionist.”

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