By The Movie Psychic

In Kong: Skull Island, Kong comes to power through bigotry and by objectifying minorities, by pandering to the lowest common denominator and using street fighter techniques to gain ground on his opponent. He’s Gorilla trash with power, eager to devour everything in sight.
At first, the heroes of the film think that he might be their saviour, and their only hope of survival. He’s the largest silverback on the planet, but in the end, he brutally decapitates every American in the film, then chews on their bones while the credits roll – all for personal gain and to fill up his greedy stomach (and for a new reality TV show that he has in the pipeline).
Godzilla 2, on the other hand, is a left-wing propaganda film. It’s very smart of Warner Bros. to represent both sides. Though slightly cold, prickly, and with a questionable past, Godzilla is here to save us from the evils that we’ve brought upon ourselves. To warn us of our misguided treatment of the planet – a planet that we have no right to lay claim to. To warn us not to fall victim to the easy road of hatred and objectification.
So, what happens in the end? You guessed it. Trump Vs. Hillary, I mean, King Kong Vs Godzilla is due in November. It’s the match up that everybody is waiting for, and the whole world will be watching. Who will take hold of the world and be the last monster standing? Unfortunately for the hard-right, King Kong will make too many combat mistakes in the closing stages of the final battle. He’ll trip over his own greed and misogyny, making a blubbering mess of himself. It only gets worse when more lewd footage is released of him performing questionable acts in the jungle.
Godzilla is the victor.
And while the left isn’t crazy about their leader being a thorny lizard, they’ll breathe a collective sigh of relief when she defeats King Kong, a sigh that will almost throw the earth’s axis off its hinges.
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