By Travis Johnson

Disney is moving forward with a live action version of Aladdin, their 1992 animated smash still fondly remembered today for Robin William’s incredibly, uncontainable voice work as the genie. That much is par for the course; Disney’s cartoon-to-live-action program is reaping huge dividends, and nothing is sacred any more in this darkest of times, even one of the defining performances of the world’s favourite sad clown. What is surprising is that the House of Mouse is apparently talking to Guy “you wot, mate?” Ritchie about calling the shots on this one.

Let that sink in.

While Ritchie is a talented director, he makes a habit of putting his own stamp on his material – hence why his upcoming (and terrible-looking) King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is not so much Excalibur as the Once and Future Fing. Aladdin the character may start out as a devil-may-care street urchin, but that doesn’t mean an Agrabah-by-way-of-Sarf-London approach is going to fly. What’s even more surprising is that, in it’s current shape, the Aladdin script, by John August, apparently keeps a lot of the musical numbers – is the world ready for a Guy Ritchie musical? Could it ever be?

It’s all early days yet, but part of us wants Ritchie to sign on, just to see the fireworks when Ritchie tries to cast Ray Winstone as Jafar.


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