That’s Not Me Trailer

January 19, 2017
The perils of being fame-adjacent are writ large in this new independent Aussie comedy.

Alice Foulcher is Polly, an aspiring actor. Alice Foulcher is also Amy, a hugely successful actor and Polly’s identical twin sister. See where this is going? That’s Not Me is a comedic look at the pain of being so close to your dreams you can almost touch them, but never quite reach them. Foulcher co-writes with director, Gregory Erdstein, and the pair have assembled an impressive roster of Australian acting talent, including Isabel Lucas, Richard Davies, Andrew S. Gilbert, Steve Mouzakis and Benjamin Rigby.

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That’s Not Me will be making its world debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February, with Australian festival dates to be announced for later in the year.



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