by Anthony O'Connor

Once upon a time, in the lounge rooms of console gamers around the world, people played party games with their mates. Buzz!, Singstar, Rock Band and Mario Kart etc. were as ubiquitous at gatherings as alcohol, Pixies albums and that one bloke who wouldn’t shut up about his screenplay. Then something happened and the party game scene all but died off, relegated to owners of Nintendo consoles, and the experience has been much missed.

Cut to 2017 and the party game might just make a comeback, at least that’s the hope of Wish Studios and their offering, That’s You! The game is played on the PS4 with you and up to five others, with the interaction of everyone’s phones/tablets, and is basically an excuse to embarrass your fellow players, make jokes at their expense and – in the case of the session I attended – draw dicks on their faces. Your mileage, of course, may vary depending on emotional maturity and level of intoxication.

In the two run-throughs I played, the laughs came easily, assisted in no small measure by a cleansing drink or two, and the whole experience offered a genuinely fun, albeit slight, good time. That’s You! is best played with people who know each other well enough to both embarrass one another and be a good sport about it.

Even better the game is available for free on PS Plus right now, so there’s really no reason to not investigate this surprising charmer.


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