by Will Tentindo

Revelation Film Festival is going all-out for its 20th anniversary, including virtual reality experiences and a video projection artwork suspended in St. George’s Cathedral. For those wondering what actual films to try and see, FilmInk has compiled a quick list of a few of the most mentioned and intriguing screeners at this year’s festival.



A Ghost Story

Fresh off his Oscar-winning role in Manchester By The Sea, Casey Affleck stars in this drama alongside Rooney Mara as a man who becomes a ghost, with a bedsheet and all, and haunts his ex-wife, seeing time speed before his eyes as he remains waiting. A Ghost Story reunites the two actors with director David Lowery, who previously worked together on Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.

The Girl with All the Gifts

Zombie-apocalypse films have taken over the world, and The Girl with All the Gifts offers a scientific and ethically questioning twist on the genre. This blockbuster, written by M.R. Carey and adapted from his novel of the same name, marked the largest investment ever endowed onto a film by Creative England.

A Date for Mad Mary

This charming Irish feature about a woman who returns from prison and needs to find a date to her best friend’s wedding, is an authentic, hilarious and touching portrayal of modern romance, with a star turn from Seana Kerslake in the title role.


This acid comedy by cult filmmaker Todd Solondz (Happiness) follows man’s best friend through four different owners and their stories. Solondz brings his unique blend of social satire, dark humour and an all-star ensemble cast to this equally hilarious and painful portrait of humanity seen through the eyes of a dog.

Women Who Kill

Morgan and her ex-girlfriend Jean are famous hosts of a podcast that interviews women murderers and serial killers. When Jean starts to suspect Morgan’s new girlfriend of having nefarious motives, their relationship and lives are at risk. This will most likely be your one and only chance to see this acclaimed US indie on the big screen.

Patti Cake$

Patti Cake$ is an undiscovered rap talent, at least in her mind. This quest for fame in the rap game by a white girl from Bergen County, New Jersey, played by Danielle MacDonald (actually an Australian actress), became a sensation after it dropped at Sundance.



Becoming Bond

Opening Night film tells the story of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’s Aussie James Bond George Lazenby, who will also be in attendance (swoon). The inexperienced actor famously turned down a seven-picture deal for $1 million. This dramatised doco (with Josh Lawson portraying him in some scenes) follows Lazenby through his life and tumultuous career. There is also a conversation event on July 9 for those interested in hearing more from Lazenby.

I Am Not Your Negro

Raoul Peck’s adaptation of James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript about his recollection on American civil rights heroes was nominated for a Best Documentary Feature Oscar.

Meal Tickets

Follows Perth band Screwtop Detonators as they try to launch a career in music and a tour in the United States. Filmed over the course of ten years, it the harsh reality of the music industry as the band begins to struggle when a fired roadie reappears as a rival frontman. As per REV tradition, more music docos come courtesy of Descent into the Maelstrom and The Go-Betweens: Right Here.

Secrets at Sunrise

This Australian film follows conservationists as they try to protect the critically endangered Western Ground Parrot. Combatting the forces of nature to save a small bird in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet is no easy feat.

It’s Not Just Me

This Western Australian doco follows four transgender men during different stages of their female-to-male transition, exploring the concept of identity, family and security in the world of people whose lives have become politicised.

You Never Had It: An Evening with Bukowski

Made entirely from previously lost footage of an interview between Charles Bukowski and journalist Silvia Bizio, offering a unique and intimate look at the cult poet, writer and boozer.

Head over to the Revelation website for all the information.


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