October 20, 2015
FilmInk Presents a special Q&A Event of TERMINUS with director Marc Furmie, producer Tim Maddocks and stars Todd Lasance and Kendra Appleton on Monday 7th December, 7.00pm.


In the near future, the world looms on the brink of war as superpowers standoff against each other with increasing volatility. The threat of a draft is a constant reminder for citizens everywhere. In a small town in the US, mechanic David Chamberlain struggles to keep his job while putting his daughter Annabelle through college and mourning his wife’s death.

After a devastating car accident, Dave discovers something remarkable – an extra-terrestrial organism that holds secrets which could save life on earth. As horrific visions taunt him, Dave finds a new, otherworldly purpose, somehow connected to his discovery. While suspicious authorities close in on him, Dave struggles to convince Annabelle of his sanity and complete his mission to save the world from itself.

From the makers of InfiniTerminus is directed by Marc Furmie, and stars Jai Koutrae, Kendra Appleton, Todd Lasance (The Vampire Diaries) and Bren Foster (Infini, The Last Ship).


The Ritz Cinema in Randwick

Monday 7th December, 7.00pm

Tickets: $20 Adult/ $15 Concession

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