Stop the Horror

September 14, 2017
Snowtown director tackles another true, divisive Australian story

Stop the Horror is a five minute long film from director Justin Kurzel (Snowtown) and it’s probably the most disturbing thing you’ll see all year. If that pitch sounds like hyperbole, please understand we’re not using the term lightly, or attempting to titillate. Stop the Horror is a harrowing retelling of true events, and shows one man’s traumatic death in an utterly uncompromising fashion.

In point of fact, the film has a stop button so viewers can bail whenever they want.

We’re not going to go into much more detail for now, but we’ll shortly be running an interview with Justin, where he explains the rationale behind this piece. Watch if you feel you can, but be warned: this is not a pleasant experience. It is, however, an important one.

You can see it here.

Read our interview with Justin Kurzel.


  1. Julie

    Ask anyone – we would all wish for ourselves and our loved ones a peaceful death, in our sleep, in our own homes. Why must anyone endure a death like this or anything like this?

  2. Sharon

    It’s absolutely in humane, we don’t let animals suffer why should we be any different. I felt for Greg sims and his wife and daughter nia, to have to watch their loved one in pain and suffering and not be able to take that pain and suffering away, how could anybody watch this and think this is ok. My gramps shot him self just as soon as he was diagnosed even though he was well,, as he didn’t want to suffer in the future, he wanted to take control. Had he been able the right to die he would of been with us much more and use the right to die at the time he wanted it. As a young girl at 17 year old l watched my 42,year old mum die in the hospital it’s a memory that has never left me then when l was diagnosed myself at 41 l was scared l would suffer the same fate as my mum, luckily l am 6 years remission but should my cancer come back and ever become terminal, l would Like the right to die peacefully, painfree, and with dignity, at home with my loved ones around me, no one should suffer like Greg. This is so cruel

  3. Seven

    Totally harrowing, unfair, so very very saddening. Every fiber of my being wanted to reach out and stop the wheel turning. Hopefully some common sense in parliament one day soon.

  4. G.S

    I have two of my closest family members die from a painful disease. The question is difficult because if we believe that it is another life, and if we believe in Jesus who suffered like no one has suffered in history, then we reach the conclusion that in a mysterious way suffering is redentive. “By his sufferings we were saved”, Holy Scritures tells us.
    Therefore, who we are to stop the redention of those people who we love during this time of pain? We are not the Creator to decide when and how we born or how we died. It is heart breaking to see them suffer but because I want to stop my suffering, in is not enough to intervene in this process of redention that this soul is having before he meets his/ her Creator.

    1. Kirk

      Your imaginary skyfriend should have no bearing on others choice to live or die.

      My life is my own, it is not the concern you and your fellow zealots.

  5. JT

    “We” don’t decide. The person who is sick decides. That is why it’s called voluntary euthanasia. If you believe there is an afterlife and you will meet God and all that stuff then suffer in your final stages of horrific illness, but if you do not believe in religion and you can choose the end of suffering, then it has nothing to do with anyone else.

  6. Neil

    As a Medical proffessional I would not allow his pain to become this intense. i would be brenching my duty of care. I would be telling the Dr’s & Nurses to get his pain under control to give him some dignity. this is not how it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cheryl

    We have the ability to allow people to die a peaceful death. No one should be forced to suffer like this. At the very least, he should have been sedated and pain-free. This is sickening…

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