Short Film: Wurinyan

May 15, 2019
Watch this 30-minute short, released online just in time for this weekend's elections.

Genna Chanelle Hayes stars and directs Wurinyan, which features Mark Coles Smith as a University student, who dreams of becoming Australia’s first Indigenous Prime Minister.

“We completed the film three years ago,” says Hayes. “For the many kids that we have yet to reach across Australia, I’d like for them to be able to easily access it. I hope Mark’s character can continue to inspire and motivate our younger generations, as he continues to do so in real life. You’ve only got to look at this year’s election candidates to see how much drastic change needs to happen in a short amount of time; all-male and all-white just doesn’t cut it anymore. We know better.”

Shot in Sydney, Wurinyan also features Christine Anu, Peter Mochrie, Rarriwuy Hick and Joshua Morton among its impressive cast.

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