Short Film of the Day: Love Lex

August 21, 2018
A question of sleepover etiquette spirals out of control in this rank comedy from Catherine Mack.

Appended with the brave admission that it’s based on a true story, Love Lex sees the titular character (director and writer Catherine Mack, last seen in The Hunt, which she co-directed) dealing with a… ahem… biological issue after a night with David (Tim Phillips – Neighbours, Animal Kingdom).

We won’t say we’ve all been there, but our sympathies are certainly aroused.

Speaking of the film, Mack says “This particular story is so universal that it has been blown out into an urban legend that is told the world over. Love Lex is at its core a film about the awkward interactions that most of us have experienced in newly formed relationships.

“I tried to bring light and comedy to the way we try to embody ‘the most perfect’ versions of ourselves in a new relationship. Something that is completely unrealistic, yet we enact this charming charade every time.

“There is a special lace in the world for simple, pure comedy, and that’s what I aimed to create with Love Lex. Shifting my attention to relatable characters who are in an extremely awkward situation, that the unlucky of us know only too well.

“It is within these smaller moments in everyday life that the truth and rawness of the human experience shines.”



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