In the Grim Future of The Hunt, Women Kill Men in the Name of Gender Purification

July 26, 2018
Nope, nothing controversial here.

Set in a dystopian world where women kill off men in the name of equality, The Hunt follows five female hunters who must choose between loyalty or the law.

The brainchild of co-directors and co-writers Holly Hargreaves and Catherine Mack, who first met when they were both finalists at Tropfest 2017, The Hunt stars Catherine Mack, Holly Hargreaves, Luci Hare, Kaarin Fairfax, Ruby Rees, Alex Tarrant, and Oscar Trinchi. “We got chatting and at the end of the festival,” Hargreaves recalls, “we thought it would be a great experience joining forces to make something.”

What they came up with is certainly provocative. “We wanted to make a dark, character driven film with strong females at the helm.” However, we’re assured that the pair are not deliberately courting controversy. “We’re not setting out to provoke anyone, no. We just wanted to make a strong, female-driven film on the subject of equality. We haven’t had any push back so far. Both men and women who have seen the trailer and full film have all been extremely supportive. It’s a topic that both men and women get behind.”

Still, the political subtext of the piece is unmistakable, as Hargreaves explicates. “The film is definitely making a statement on the lack of equality. As a society we are making small steps and changes towards closing the gender pay gap, increasing jobs for women and creating a culture of fairness but we still have a way to go.”

Right now The Hunt is going out to festivals both here and abroad. In the meantime, track the film’s fortunes at the official Facebook page.

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