by Dov Kornits

It’s been 40 years since Jamie Lee Curtis originally played Laurie Strode, and she’s returned to the role to allegedly finish off Michael Myers once and for all. And to celebrate Universal are touring JLC to Australia to walk the black carpet at the Australian premiere of Halloween on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. No announcement yet on where exactly that will be, however we can confirm that it’ll be in Sydney and somewhere in the CBD… She will also be doing press on Wednesday, October 24 so watch out for appearances with Kochie and co., The Project (will she go to Melbourne?!), and maybe even this humble website.

This follows on from last week’s announcement that producer Jason Blum will also tour here in early October to spruik the picture.

It’s pleasing to see that distributors are backing horror in Australia after all the mumbo jumbo that the genre doesn’t work in this territory. After The Nun‘s recent performance ($6.5m and counting), despite the film’s scathing critical reception, Universal must have been buoyed about Halloween‘s prospects to fly Jamie Lee Curtis all the way to our shores.

Halloween is in cinemas on October 25, 2018.



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