Are You Scared Yet? Does Not Faze Lauren Grimson

July 4, 2017
After impressing in The Legend of Ben Hall, the young Aussie actress scores crucial part in US/Australian home invasion shocker.

“It’s always been about the body of work for me,” actress Lauren Grimson said. “All the other stuff takes care of itself if you put in the hard yards and dedicate to the craft. Now that I have had a taste of it I am even more determined to make a lifelong career out of acting and become the best actress I can be.”

Recently announced, Grimson has been cast as Bree in Are You Scared Yet?, a home invasion horror film from indie filmmaker Dane Millerd (There’s Something in The Pilliga).

“When I saw Lauren I not only saw a hybrid of Meryl Streep and Natascha McElhone but a polished performer who I believe will go on to be something very special,” said Millerd. “She just gets it and I feel like there’s no role too great for her.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of this film,” said Grimson. “The support everyone has shown me from producer Sharry Flaherty at Samera Entertainment through to fellow cast members and my family and friends has been humbling.”

Lauren Grimson stars alongside an impressive ensemble filled with familiar US and Australian actors, including Doug Hutchison, Roger Ward, Bill Moseley, David Argue, Basil Hoffman, Sean Patrick Flaherty and Disney Channel’s Mia Talerico.

“When I first saw Lauren the first thing I did was make sure she was working on my next film Are You Scared Yet? She is that good and has a huge future ahead of her,” said co-star Doug Hutchison, best known for The Green Mile. “She is sensational – it’s that simple.”

“An amazing actress, and I don’t say that lightly,” said co-star Roger Ward of Mad Max and Turkey Shoot fame.

Appearing in short films and features including Cul-de-sac and The Osiris Child gained Grimson a solid reputation as a dedicated actress before The Legend of Ben Hall director Matthew Holmes cast her as Christina McKinnon in the well-received bushranger drama.

“I am a bit of a horror buff so getting to star alongside heavyweights in the genre is extremely satisfying and a dream come true,” Grimson said of the Are You Scared Yet? cast. “I’m looking forward to more cast announcements and filming in the US soon.”



  1. Steve

    It just shows that effort and resilliance overcome all challenges.

  2. david argue

    I believe i’m in this show ? mind you Ive been told that before !

  3. Kushica

    Women in film is hard and to read and see how you achieved such a great and fun role inspiring for my little girl. You can do what you love & have fun.

  4. Nycolletta

    Congratulations, Lauren Grimson. Keep doing what you love and live your dreams.
    This sounds like a fun movie and I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  5. Sandra Santiago

    Welcome to Hollywood gorgeous and talented Lauren Grimson your beauty and talent are flying around the world spreading art, love and lots of creativity.
    Proud of you and the talented team who will be working with you.
    Bravo! Samera Entertainment!

  6. Andrew Bernard

    Well done fantastic to see people achieving good work
    Congratulations Lauren your talents are we say in Blighty the cream will always be on top ..😎😊😁

  7. Melissa

    Congratulations Lauren on landing this exciting role in such an awesome film. We need more talented women like yourself in these roles!

    Wishing you many years of great success in doing what you love from all of us at Samera Entertainment!🤗🙌🏻

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